The Case For The Vaccine For Brucella Abortus Strain Rb 51, Causing Agent Of Brucellosis Essay

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Immunology is a very important area of both veterinary and human medicine, the basic principles of the studies of this science is the same for both areas of the medicine. Such is the case for the vaccine for Brucella abortus strain RB-51, causing agent of Brucellosis, created by
Dr. Schurig with help from the Colorado Serum Company. But understanding how the immune system works in multicellular organisms, especially those in the higher kingdoms has brought and opened an entire world, which has developed a subtopic, a very important art of science.
Vaccines are the result of the understanding of the functional and always active immune system in higher organisms, such as humans and animals.
The origin of the term vaccine came along in the 18th century by Edward Jenner who described the “Variolae vaccinae a disease commonly known as Cow Pox” (Riedel, 2005).
Etymologically, the word vaccine comes from the Latin word “vacca” that means cow, this explains how Jenner coined the term “vaccine”, a word that has stuck in the science area and is very much used by anyone, still in the 21st century.
This medical progress was first step to develop the real idea of the vaccination, “the original concept of vaccination aims to mimic the development of naturally acquired immunity by inoculation of nonpathogenic but still immunogenic components of the pathogen in question”
(Meeusen et al 2007). Once understood the normal function of the immune system and the actual mechanisms this system go…
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