The Case For Working With Your Hands By Mathew B. Crawford

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Why is it that in today’s society people only think that a person can be successful if they have a degree from a higher education? In the article “The Case for Working With Your Hands” author Mathew B. Crawford talks about his life as a mechanic and the decisions and revelations that got him there. Crawford claims that a good job can be defined to meet an individual’s passions and to see the “effects of the world” (Crawford). Crawford is saying that a person does not have to have a degree to have a good job. With Crawford’s claim, in the article titled “The Case for Working With Your Hands,” that a person should find a job that satisfies their own passions and desires I would agree with the author’s stance based on my own personal experiences as well as his information he presents. To start off, the article “The Case for Working With Your Hands” is about Matthew B. Crawford and his decision to start a car repair shop after getting his Ph. D in political philosophy. Crawford starts off the article by discussing a television show called “Deadliest Catch,” and how in today’s society many people can never see the effects they are having in their career. He goes on by creating a stance that in today’s society many people assume that a student must attend a college or university to achieve a overall success instead of following their “own inclinations” (Crawford, Matthew). Crawford talks about how he chose to open up a motorcycle shop to work as a mechanic instead of getting a
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