The Case Information Of The Pre Trial Meetings And Trials Scheduled

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On Monday, June 20, I was not given any direct assignments as Liz was out for the day and Kathleen had finance meetings all day. That being said, I took the initiative to read over the case information of the pre-trial meetings and trials scheduled for Tuesday. This week’s pre-trial charges include: retail theft, operating without insurance, operating without a license, operating while suspended, improper turn, and failure to yield while emerging from an alley. After reading over the police reports and case information, I decided to make use of CCAP to see if the defendants had any more encounters with the law in other counties in Wisconsin. While some defendants did not have any record outside of Manitowoc, others had no record in Manitowoc, but an extensive record in other counties. This made me realize why it is so important that Liz makes use of CCAP before meeting with the defendants, because if she only sees their records in Manitowoc, she might give them a better offer for having a “clean record.” Overall, looking through the reports and histories of the defendants gives me an idea of how the defendants might behave and what kind of offers Liz might give them in the pre-trial meetings. As for the trials scheduled for Tuesday, both defendants have been charged of possession of THC. After looking through the case information, I actually recognized the cases as they had been two of the cases that were canceled earlier in the summer due to some conflict with the
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