The Case Of A Child Named Alf

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Information was given in relation to a case of a child named Alf suffering a seriousness illness as a result of negligent actions. The case has multiple possible defendants however not all would be found liable in court. It has been asked that advice be given in relation to this case on who the possible defendants are, who the plaintiff is, what torts have been committed and if there are any defences to the liable parties. Furthermore, limitation periods have also been requested. 1. FACTS 1.1. On August 10 2013 a six year old child (Alf) fell seriously ill after drinking cosmetic bath milk produced by Mootanicals Pty Ltd. Alf contracted ‘Haemolytic uraemic syndrome’ which can lead to death. Tanner (Alf’s father) purchased the milk from ‘Eco Health Store’. Curly Linton, a manager at Eco’s, advised tanner that the milk produced by Mootanicals was a healthier alternative to cows milk. The milk was sold along side, pasteurised milk and in similar packaging however it was unpasteurized and was labeled with ‘for cosmetic/bath purposes’. Evidence shows that the milk could be contaminated with harmful bacteria if it is unpasteurized, and Mootanicals does not test their milk for these bacteria’s. Evidence also shows that unpasteurized milk has a number of benefits however it is common knowledge that many people purchase it to consume despite the fact is illegal to sell unpasteurized milk for human consumption in Australia. 1.2. Alf and his father Tanner consumed the milk in a

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