The Case Of Amya Anderson

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The Case of Amya Anderson On June 27th, Amya Anderson, 8 years of age, was taken to the emergency room of Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital by her mother. Her mother had received a phone call from Amya’s school nurse that there was a problem with her and that she would need to come and pick her daughter up. Upon arrival the nurse informed the mother that Amya had been crying for most of the morning and would not go to the bathroom because she was afraid that it was going to hurt. Her mother immediately took her to the emergency room for an examination. Amya has always been very forthcoming when she is not feeling well and has no problem telling her mother about any problems or irritations that she is having. Today, however, Amya refused to let her mother see her without any clothing on, not wanting her mother to see her body. When asked what her main source of discomfort was she told her mother that she had pain “down there”, and that her Uncle Joe had touched her “private parts” while he was babysitting her the day prior. The mother agreed to have her doctor perform a pelvic exam where the mother’s worst fears were confirmed. Not only had her uncle molested her, he had raped her and had caused sufficient damage to Amya’s genital area. Upon further questioning Amya admitted that her uncle had been molesting her for the better part of the last year but it wasn’t until the previous day that it had taken a turn for the worse. After Amya’s examination she and her mother were

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