The Case Of Baby Peter

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Children are seen as vulnerable as they are young and unable to look after themselves without the help of a responsible adult, such as a parent or an extended family member. Children are meant to be protected, but this is not always the case. In this essay, the case of Baby Peter will be used to help illustrate the concept of children being ‘at risk’. In order to help explain the concept of children being ‘at risk’, Beck’s thesis of ‘risk society’ will be described, the vulnerability of children will be explained and the constructions of childhood will be mentioned in order to help talk about how children in society today are at risk. Other theories, such as cultural theory, scientific theory and the psychological theories will also be mentioned in the essay. Towards the end of the essay, child protection procedures and the child protection registers will be introduced and talked about as these can help to reduce the chance of the child being ‘at risk’ in a ‘risk society’. Child abuse is an action by another person, whether it be an adult or another child, which causes significant harm. It can either be physical, sexual or emotional; neglect can be just as damaging at child abuse (NSPCC, 2016). There are many different types of child abuse; domestic abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, online abuse, physical abuse emotional abuse, child sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation, bullying and cyberbullying, child trafficking, grooming and harmful sexual behaviour (NSPCC,…

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