The Case Of Bolton V Law

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The current popular culture that exists along with increasingly hyperbolical legal dramas that is discoverable on a television drama channel may fool many into the idea that professional conduct and legal ethics isn’t even given a second of thought and is all but lost in the legal sector, though, in reality, solicitors, as well as other members of the legal profession, are required to commit to high ethical standards with claims of it being crucial to the survival of the profession. This duty is acknowledged through the leading case of Bolton v Law Society where Lord Bingham states that lawyers should discharge their professional duties with ‘integrity, probity and complete trustworthiness’. Integrity is valued very highly in the field of law and it is also agreed that it is not an absurd or an improbable expectation from the public that all solicitors should be acting with the ‘utmost integrity at all times’. This, along with many other fundamental concepts that are also entrenched fully within the Solicitor Regulation Authority Principles and Codes of Conduct, is under question in regards to Rafa’s conduct towards Sara as well as her employer, Holywell Solicitors. Firstly, Regardless of whether you have 6 months experience or 6 years it is a fundamental requirement that solicitors, as well as barristers, hold a valid practicing certificate. In order to qualify to act as a solicitor, they should first be admitted as a solicitor, have their name on the roll and a
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