The Case Of Daniel Handley 2

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The Case of Daniel Handley


On October 7, 1994 in Beckton, London, England, while Daniel Handley was working on his bicycle, he was approached by two men in a Peugeot 405, who claimed to be lost and sought direction from Daniel on their map. Meanwhile, their fantasy was to abduct a young fair haired, pre-teen buy and sexually abuse him and kill him to hide their crime. With the map placed in the back seat of their car, as Daniel leaned in to look at it, he was pushed into the car and they drove off. At their flat, both men sexually abused him while the other videoed the activity. Then, Daniel was taken to a layby by Hungerford in Berkshire and strangled to death with a rope. His body was dumped in a shallow grave near Bristol and found in March 1995. This paper is to look at why child kidnapping and abuse happened and still happens to this day. To also look at “what kind of person would take pleasure from raping and killing a ten-year-old boy?”

Keywords: child abuse; kidnapping; sexual abuse; strangulation; England


The abduction, sexual abuse, and strangulation of Daniel Handley in Beckton, London, England on October 7, 1994, caught the nation by surprise. Law enforcement personnel and all concerned citizens frantically joined hands searching for him, until his body was found on March 1995, in a shallow grave, near Bristol, England. Two men, Tim Morss, aged 31 and
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