The Case Of Darryl Hunt

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The case of Darryl Hunt was an example of racial injustice in the state of North Carolina. From the moment Debbie Sykes was killed, police began to do a racial profile on any to get a closure for her, her family, and Winston-Salem. Multiple actions were stereotyped and were not taken seriously. I was a case that was based on poor evidence and accusation. Many of the witnesses had seen and viewed Darryl Hunt over media. It shows that now matter how long or hard we try as African Americans. They will always be an situation that has a involvement of racial injustice. A woman by the name of Debbie Sykes became the victim of a murder and rape. she was found behind an apartment building located downtown. She was a copy editor at the twin city sentinel. She was recognized by the chief editor who called in saying she did not appear for work. She was considered fight for her life however, she was stabbed and killed. The lead in her murder was a simple raspy call on a pay phone. He stated that he was Sammy Mitchell . By then they put up the photo of Darryl Eugene Hunt. He had been quickly taken in for the charge of rape and murder and stated that he didn 't commit the crime. On his first trial he was on the line of having life in prison or the death penalty . During the trial he specified that he was put into a “hole” , a single cell that had not ventilation or light. He was told that the last person was in the hole, he committed suicide. Darryl gave multiple samples,such as

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