The Case Of Dred Scott

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We are so accustomed to waking up every day without a care in the world. We can basically go wherever we like, eat wherever we like, sit wherever we like, and not have to worry about another person controlling our every move (unless it’s our parents of course)! Imagine a time, not too long ago, when just because of the color of your skin, you had an “owner” and were treated as a piece of property, instead of another human being. A time where you couldn’t go into certain places, sit in certain areas, let alone use the restroom, unless it was in a designated place for your particular skin color. You weren’t labeled as people, but as black or white. Dred Scott was born a slave in Virginia and had to face these hardships his whole entire life. When he finally walked on to free soil where slavery was prohibited, he stayed and chose to still be with his owner. Once his owner died, he and his wife decided to sue for their freedom. Little did they know, that the rules only applied to certain people when they wanted them to. The Dred Scott Decision Introduction Dred Scott was a slave born in Southampton County Virginia and served the Peter Blow family growing up. As an adult he moved with the Blow family to St Louis Missouri and was sold to Dr. John Emerson. Dr. Emerson was an army surgeon. He was appointed to many different military posts and took Scott along with him, from Fort Armstrong in Illinois to Fort Snelling in the Wisconsin territory. Both of these forts were on

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