The Case Of Drug Abuse

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In the case of drug abuse there are many signs both behavioral as well as physical which is a direct sign of drug use. Nevertheless, every drug has its own unique sign of usage but there are always indications that a person is using. Therefore, some of the changes could be withdrawal from family members, not caring about their personal appearance, sniffy or runny nose and red or glassy eyes to name a few of the signs. Rather look at these sign and assume all drugs have these sign a person must first find out the type of drug someone is using in order to determine the exact signs of that drug. For example if a person is using methamphetamine they would be “wired” and not sleeping for days or even weeks at a time. They would also lose their appetite and with the loss of their appetite they will start to lose weight. Another sign would be the dilation of his or her pupils as well as become sexually excited when they are using the drug. Although, these are a few signs of this drug there are a few more that can tell someone that a person is in fact using this drug. Now if a person was to be using cocaine their thinking would be impaired, they would be confused, anxious, depressed, short tempered and a decreased sexual drive unlike someone using methamphetamine. Furthermore, they would also have some of the same signs as a meth user such as sleeplessness, and loss of appetite. Therefore, they would be acting differently because the drugs have a different effect on different people
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