The Case Of Forgiveness And Forgiveness Essay

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Introduction to Forgiveness One of the single most difficult emotions and behaviors of life for most human being is the act of forgiveness. To forgive someone who has offended you and the pain it causes in your life by their offense requires more than we are humanly possible to do alone. To truly forgive and heal can only be done with the power of Jesus. Jesus taught to forgive those that hurt us so that our heavenly would forgive us as well. This paper will evaluate the case study of forgiveness. In examining the teachings of Jesus, we can learn how to work through the problem from two sides; the side of being offended and the side of causing the offense, to reach a place of biblical forgiveness through way Jesus would respond. Working Through to Biblical Forgiveness The forgiveness case study asks the question “how to forgive your friend when they have been caught cheating with another person and they ask for forgiveness and the desire to work through the problem. Of course the first natural emotion is hurt and not forgiveness. The pain that occurs to a person when they have been betrayed, damages at the core and for that reason it is not always humanly possible to come to forgiveness alone, especial if they are at a cross section in a relationship. The word forgive in the dictionary is defined – to pardon or absolve and to stop being angry about or resentful against. However, Jesus taught biblical forgiveness, which simply means it is a requirement for all Christians to

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