The Case Of Greene 's Jewelry

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LEGAL MEMORANDUM GREENE’S JEWLERY V. JENNIFER LAWSON Parthenia Hill MBA 601 MEMORANDUM CONFIDENTIAL TO: Greene’s Jewelry Legal Department FROM: Parthenia Hill DATE: 11/03/2016 RE: Jennifer Lawson - Breach of Confidential INTRODUCTION In the case of Greene’s Jewelry located in Derry, New Hampshire. v. Jennifer Lawson (Known as The Defendant). The Defendant worked in the research and development department at Greene’s Jewelry as a junior executive secretary for 3 years. The Defendant recently found out she was pregnant and was released from the company by Lisa Peele, head of Human Resources per Greene’s Jewelry was downsizing and The Defendants position was no longer needed. Upon leaving Greene’s Jewelry the Defendant took documents disclosing patent information that outlined the secret process of manufacturing Ever-Gold. Ever-Gold is a synthetic gold-colored material that’s impervious to scratches, discoloration, oxidization, and is marked as “everlasting gold” (2016), which is used on Greene’s Jewelry necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. This is Greene’s Jewelry most asset. Upon accepting employment with Greene’s Jewelry, The Defendant signed a nondisclosure agreement that legally binds those who agree to keep specified information a secret or secured. The Defendant never signed a covenant agreement with Greene’s Jewelry. The Defendant becomes employed with one of Greene’s Jewelry competitors Howell Jewelry World. Howell Jewelry World knows The
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