The Case Of Henry And Oni

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The case study that will be discussed will be Henry and Oni. Henry is a 38 year old born a French-Canadian but primary raised in the United States. Oni is a 48 year old was born and raised in the United States but part Nigeria and African American. This is the first marriage of Henry but second for Oni. No first marriage only last two years because of her ex-husband cheating. The couple is madly in love with each other but worry about the recent fighting and sexual tension. Oni does not want to have sex with her husband because she has recently caught him watching pornography. Henry started watching pornography as a release of sexual starvation. Oni confused that she felt violated when Henry tried to have sex with her during her sleep. She describes feeling like one of those woman he watches in his videos. The purpose of choosing this particular case study was because there was a connection of relating to Oni feelings. Initially, the assumption was made that Oni is feeling that her faith and trust in their marriage has been broken because of Henry’s activities because of her prior experience with her ex-husband cheating. Furthermore, the connection of Henry feeling sexual starved is understandable considering his needs are not being met. Clinical Theory The clinical theory chosen for this clinical evaluation is Solution Focused Based Theory (SFBT). SFBT would be an appropriate theoretical approach to take with this couple to formulate solutions and…
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