The Case Of Hilton International

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1. Introduction The core nature of Tourism and Hospitality industry lies at the flexibility in the management of international element throughout its business. In this context of today business environment, the harsh competition witnessed in this industry has critically pointed out the importance of having managers that possess wide understanding and vision into the aspect of motivating the workforce coming from different backgrounds. This report aims to take an in-depth analysis into the cross-cultural leadership presented in the case of Hilton International to grasp a sense of the huge impact that effective communication of the organizational values can have on an international workforce. Hilton International – the giant player in the Hospitality world, has soared to spread its influence all over the world with a system of more than 380 hotels in up to 66 countries, serving an average of 8 million guests annually by more than 80,000 employees from different cultures (Datamonitor, 2004). The report will analyze this versatile characteristics present in the company in two distinctive aspects: personnel recruitment and corporate cultures in an international context…show more content…
The training in languages will be one essential point to help them blend in with the workforce where the language barrier is confronted. The cultural training with preparation into the context of the new workplace will help them avoid possible changes in the business operation from their current environment and integrate in. Also, the practical training is one of the most effective non-professional session that can actually ensure their integration into the workforce
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