The Case Of Hilton Worldwide

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Nowadays, many hospitality organizations are created and each company has its own advantages that lead to success. One of the factors that support the growth of the company is motivating its employees. The aim of this report is to see why employee motivation is important and how the hospitality organizations motive its people. The findings of previous studies show that ways to encourages employees to work hard are having appropriate human resource management policies and practices. In case of Hilton Worldwide, the company provides many programs for employees which help to make better working environment and give opportunities to improve themselves. Although the organization achieves to develop employee quality, the services that offer to its customers are not good enough to content them. Therefore, in the further studies, the company needs to scrutinize how it can provide good quality of services and have high value of employees at the same time.…show more content…
However, there are some limitations that the organization has because it only focuses on satisfying its employees and providing good work condition to them. According to the reviews of, consumers who visited Hilton Hotels & Resorts had bad experience and did not satisfy about services that they received from its employees. To solve the problems, therefore, Hilton Worldwide needs to find ways to develop service quality that offers to its customers. Having good service programs and giving satisfaction to customers are significant as much as having good quality human resources. If services in the hospitality organizations were not good enough, people would not go back and the company will fail in next few years. Therefore, Hilton Worldwide should develop the quality of its services to keep and attract its
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