The Case Of Jack And Samantha

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In the case regarding Jack, Samantha and Nicole, there are many different factors that appear regarding Jack and Samantha appealing their convictions. After reviewing the case, it states that Jack had often taken his anger out on Samantha’s daughter, Nicole. Nicole had been hospitalized on six different occasions for different injuries that were caused by Jack. While all this had been going on, Samantha was aware of it. She was aware of the abuse that her daughter suffered by Jack and did nothing about it. The fact that Samantha knew that Jack was abusing Nicole and did nothing about it was what I would considered the leading factor to the courts’ decision to convict her of knowingly endangering the welfare of a minor. Nicole did exactly that, she was a parent that was supervising the welfare of a child under the age of 18 years old and knew that someone was endangering her child’s welfare. Nicole did not care, protect or support her daughter in the situations that occurred with Jack instead he just turned her head and looked the other way. While studying the case more indept we learned that the reason Nicole did not fight back and defend her child was because of fear that if she left Jack he would severely hurt Nicole. Although Jack had only beaten Samantha once she still lived in fear of what he would do to her if she ever spoke up. One night however things took a turn for the worse, Samantha was working and Jack began attacking Nicole. While trying to get away from Jack,
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