The Case Of Jennifer And Jianshe Li

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Case Study Journal Two
The case of Jennifer and Jianshe Li would be extremely challenging and difficult for any counselor/therapist to handle and guide the couple through; furthermore, the goal would be to guide the couple thorough the difficult decisions they have to make regarding Jennifer’s prognosis and pregnancy. As a helper, there would be many issues involved; in addition, there would be some extremely sensitive material the worker would have to deal with. My main purpose would be to guide them through the process. First of all. Jennifer has been diagnosed with a progressive disorder of the on the central nervous system, which is linked to genetics. I would recommend they ask the specialist how the pregnancy could affect Jennifer. Would the pregnancy be detrimental to her health? I would suggest getting a second and a third opinion. Would the fetus survive if it was afflicted with the disease? These are questions that only a specialist in neurology would be able to answer. I would help them look for a specialist who is familiar with the disease; consequently, it would be beneficial to find an expert who has dealt with it before. I would help the couple research the disease, then they can take it from there. There are two routes for this couple; therefore, they can select to have their child and try to minimize the risks. It was their dream to have a child, and I can empathize due I love my children. If the specialist came to the conclusion that the pregnancy might…

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