The Case Of John Smith

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In the following case, names of all clients and parties involved have been changed in order to comply with laws and rules of Confidentiality and HIPPA. The client, John Smith is a 14- year old, African American male. John was referred by his mother, Cathy Smith, in September 2016 to address increased aggression and anger management. John, however, does not feel he has a problem. Cathy Smith reports the client struggling with depression, and has one previous suicide attempt. The client currently lives with his mother, step- father, and two siblings. There is tension between John and his step-father for unknown reasons. John expressed the only thing(s) that ease his mind is basketball, his grandfather, and marijuana. John states that he was never serious about basketball. He just does it for the fun of it. When asked if he’ll ever try out for the school team, he replied probably not. The client made the statement that the school team “sucked”. John’s grandfather passed away from heart disease, one year ago. Since, John reports an increase of substance (marijuana) dependency. John began smoking marijuana when his was 13 years old. He admits to smoking marijuana to calm his nerve. He reports that his use was not every day until a couple months ago. In the recent months, the client’s mother got married. John states, “He isn’t my dad, and he’s always trying to tell him what to do”. The client also express that the absence of his biological father does not affect him and he does
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