The Case Of Kansas V. Carr

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This paper will discuss the potential rulings given by the justices of the Supreme Court concerning the case of Kansas v. Carr, Kansas v. Gleason on the upcoming Supreme Court docket for OT 2015. The case pertains to two separate criminal cases coming from the Kansas Supreme Court that may overturn the death penalty ruling. First, the facts of the case will be given and what are the legal issues being questioned, a brief overview of the arguments encompassing the Eighth Amendment, supportive arguments and amici for the petitioner and respondent, and then what the rulings will mean if they are dismissed or maintained by the majority. Secondly, an opinionated prediction will be given on how the each Justice may rule concerning the case of Kansas v. Carr, Kansas v. Gleason. Also, the prediction will include an intertwining review of the biographical background, legal experience, and judicial philosophy of the current Court as supporting points to the opinion of how the individual Justices will rule. Before concluding, there will be other alternative ruling assessments to cover all the bases in case it is not a majority vs dissenter ruling.
The Case: Kansas v. Carr The first case, Kansas v. Carr, involves two brothers named Jonathan and Reginald Car who committed several crimes including capital murder, carjacking, robberies, aggravated assault, and rape that occurred within a weeks’ time in December of 2000; they were found guilty (MacElroy & Marren, n.d.). The court then

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