The Case Of Michael Brown 's Shooting Accident

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On August 9, 2014, eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was shot by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. The shooting caused protests and has drawn the world’s attention because Michael Brown was an unarmed black man while Darren Wilson is a white police officer. Cases where police officers shoot citizens has happened before, yet this case has drawn attention from the world because the officer is white, and the victim is a black man. Brown’s supporters believe that Wilson shot Brown because he is black, but police have different stories about the shooting accident. People in Ferguson protests and demand the truth when there is not enough evidence to confirm which side is true. In the case of Michael Brown’s shooting accident, there was no racial discrimination in the case because Wilson was doing his job as a police officer and has not violated any of the laws. Just before the time of the shooting accident, Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson went to Ferguson Market and Liquor Store where later it was reported he had committed a robbery. According to Johnson 's attorney, Freeman Bosley, Michael was involved in shoplifting (CNN). The police released the video from the store’s surveillance camera that show the image of Brown and his friend robbing the store, and Brown grabbed the store clerk and pushed him. Brown stole a box of cigarettes from the store. The videotape showed that Brown behavior was contentious. Ferguson’s police department has a different perspective from Brown’s
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