The Case Of Mount Rundle Hotel

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Bad customer service from a previous product or service purchase can arise in some cases, many days, weeks, and months after the actual time of service. In the case of Mount Rundle Hotel, Mr. McKenzie a tourist from New Jersey found this out in a very unfair manner. The next paragraph explains the bad customer service debacle Mr. McKenzie experienced months after going on, what was supposed to be a fun filled vacation in Canada. Next, a brief explanation is given of some of the indications that a future problem may have been looming over Mr. McKenzie regarding his trip arrangements; however, the problems were just not visibly apparent at the time of his vacation stay. I go on to share my perspective on Mr. McKenzie’s handling of his customer service issues with Mount Rundle Hotel’s management staff as well as how I would react if I were in the same situation. Finally, I share some steps that could have been taken by both of the companies involved, (i.e. Expedia and Mount Rundle Hotel), that may have prevented the problem from escalating into an all-out customer service fight between Mount Rundle Hotel’s management staff and Mr. McKenzie. The first sign of a problem came when, according to Schroeder, Goldstein, & Rungtusanatham (2013), there was a price difference in Mount Rundle Hotel’s website charges and the prices for Mount Rundle’s room rates on Next, when Mr. McKenzie needed to book three additional nights in Banff, Expedia listed Mount Rundle Hotel

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