The Case Of Mr. Stevens

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Sam Stevens lives in an apartment building owned by his landlord, Mr. Quinn, where he has been working on an invention that plays the sound of a barking dog to scare off potential intruders. A national chain store has contacted Mr. Stevens, and would like to sell his product exclusively. Despite the fact that Mr. Stevens and the store never signed a physical contract, he verbally told a store manager several months ago that he would ship 1,000 units. Now, the chain store has just contacted Mr. Stevens via letter, demanding that he deliver the promised 1,000 units immediately (Southern New Hampshire University, n.d.).
There exists a second issue in the case of Mr. Stevens as well, regarding an eviction notice from his landlord, telling him he has to be out of the apartment in 30 days because the barking invention has been bothering the other tenants. The letter further states that Mr. Stevens was not allowed to conduct his business from his apartment. Mr. Stevens is upset because he claims to have told Quinn that he was working on a new invention, and the landlord had wished him luck (Southern New Hampshire University, n.d.).
In regards to the issue between Mr. Stevens and the chain store, various elements must be present to prove that a valid contract exists. The four elements to a contract are: agreement between the parties, consideration, contractual capacity, and finally, legal object (Kubasek, Browne, Giampetro-Meyer, Barkacs, Herron, Williamson, & Dhooge, 2011).
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