The Case Of Raquel And Onuka Contracts

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Situation: The case of Raquel and Onuka deals with two employees needing to work together to meet an assignment deadline. As the deadline comes to an end the employees are faced with issues in order to complete it. Raquel on one hand believes that they had agreed on a date as to when the information that was needed on behalf of Onuka in order to complete her part of the assignment. Nonetheless, Onuka never agreed to a set date and this has led to a conflict between both employees due to a lack of communication. The problem here is that once the employees voice their concerns regarding the circumstances, each employee feel that the other employee is at fault. Nonetheless, the real problem here is the miscommunication on behalf of both employees and the fact that both employees have allowed the situation to be emotionally charged. Additionally, there is a lack of informal bonds that are created through informal relationships that employees have.
In defining this type of employee problem it may be directly classified into the organization relationships formed by an employee with another employee. However, as both employees voice concerns to their supervisor this becomes an opportunity for a supervisor to build on the supervisor-employee relationship by providing a proper resolution to the issue.
The preceding is why cultural competence places such an important role due to the fact that some problems may be irresolvable and is in part due to employees “mistreating…

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