The Case Of Ron Williamson And Dennis Fritz Being Wrongfully Charged With Murder Of Debbie Carter

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This case is regarding Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz being wrongfully charged with murder of Debbie Carter. To better understand how these two were wrongfully convicted some background information is needed. Ron Williamson is from a small town in Oklahoma, Ada. Ron Williamson was born on February 3rd, 1953. He was the only son of Juanita and Ron Williamson. Growing up Ron’s family was very religious, going to church every Sunday. The Williamson family, although very religious, was not into sports until Ron found baseball. Ron loved the game; he played throughout his life all the way to the minor leagues. However, once he started pitching in the minor leagues he started to have shoulder pain and began to struggle to make the team. He began to bounce around team-to-team, due to his constant partying and drinking. Roy, Ron’s father, always tried to give his son the best chance to succeed often would call the teams Ron was on and begged to start his son. In off-season of 1972 Ron’s habits changed suddenly when he met Patty O’Brien. Ron was infatuated with her and within a year Ron was married and the partying stopped. However, after a rough spring training the Oakland A’s ended up cutting Ron and that 's when the friction started in the marriage. Ron would receive money from one of his sisters, Annette, and use it for beer, which Patty did not approve of. The marriage would soon collapse just after three years Ron was divorced, and just like his marriage Ron’s baseball
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