Valid Contract 1, 000 Units Of A Dog Smoking Machine

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In the review of the case of Sam Stevens concerning the agreement to deliver 1,000 units of a dog barking machine, an evaluation will be made to determine if a valid contract was created and if a quasi-contract or a promissory estoppel was formed. Also, Sam has received an eviction notice from his apartment due to noise complaints, and for running an illegal business. Therefore, the rights and obligations under the lease agreement will be evaluated to determine if Quinn had grounds and defense against the eviction. Discussion Concerning Valid Contracts The manager at the national chain store has sent a demand letter to Sam for the 1,000 units that he verbally promised. Therefore, an evaluation of the agreement, the consideration, the contractual capacity, and the legal object will be made to determine whether a valid contract exists. The first element of a contract is the agreement, which is defined as including an offer and acceptance of the offer. The offer must include an intention to be bound by the agreement, reasonable terms, and communication (Kubasek, 2012p. 324). In the verbal discussion between Sam and the store manager, there appears to be an attempt to form a bilateral contract because the store has promised exclusivity to the dog barking device, and Sam has offered to deliver 1,000 units. The verbal interaction shows an intention and communication of agreement to the contract. However, the terms are not fully defined in this agreement. Specifically, the
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