The Case Of The Boxer And The Baseball Player

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Prior to an individual being classified as an ex-offender, they are first classified as an offender; before this classification takes place, the individual is what the criminal justice system calls a defendant; before this particular person is trialed, they must first go through the ladder of the system. Perhaps they started simply as a suspect product of an arrest or an investigation (Samaha, 9). Like with many things in life, numerous people try to find excuses; in sports you always hear a boxer say he lost because he didn’t have a good training camp, or the baseball player saying that his wrist hurts and that is why he was not able to hit the ball. Barely, however, do we hear people tell the actual truth about what really happened; take the examples of the boxer and the baseball player, it is quite strange to hear them say “my opponent just outclassed me”, or “he is a very good pitcher, one which possesses a strong fast ball”. In some cases within the criminal justice system is the same exact way; though some do, many defendants will try to claim a reasonable and legitimate excuse for the crime they have committed and are being trialed for. In his book Criminal Justice seventh edition, Joel Samaha expresses his beliefs on what it means to give an excuse for someone’s imperfections or imperfect acts; nothing but “excuses, excuses, excuses, criminal law doesn’t like them”(Samaha, 116). With this idea of excuses now in our minds, let’s take a look at a case that has these
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