The Case Of The Conflicted Surgeon

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The Case of the Conflicted Surgeon Conflicts of interest are a common topic discussed in news outlets as it is a major source of corruption amongst professionals. Most professionals rely on their own moral compasses to make ethical decisions. Unfortunately, this approach does not always work as studies have shown that professionals can often recognize conflicts of interest for others, but fail to recognize them in their own lives. Thus, some professionals take part in activities that often lead to legal actions taken against them which may result in the loss of their practitioner’s license. This paper will define what a conflict of interest is, what makes it unethical, how best to manage it when it occurs, and apply it to a case study to…show more content…
Because being a professional invites trust and vulnerability from their clients, a professional has both an obligation and a duty to maintain and appear trustworthy. Conflicts of interest are unethical because it decreases a person’s trustworthiness, and that that trust is essential in a professional- client relationship. Professionals have a duty to both their clients and the public to be trustworthy and reliable. Therefore, anything that undermines or compromises a professional’s trustworthiness is unethical. It could be said that if a conflict of interest is morally wrong, then it implies that the professional lacks virtues such as loyalty and integrity, and it creates the impression that the professional will be unreliable. It is because of this that conflicts of interest are best to be avoided at all costs, or if it is unavoidable, then disclose what the conflict of interest is and manage the situation. If it is possible, it is preferable that that the professional removes themselves from the situation before it becomes a possible conflict of interest. To do this, they could either divest themselves from the situation, or recuse themselves from any kind of decision making process. For example, a land surveyor could hire someone else to survey the land that they own; by doing so, they have removed themselves from the situation. When a conflict of interest is unavoidable, then all pertinent information should be disclosed, and the
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