The Case Of The Criminal Justice System

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The point of the paper is to inform the reader that the criminal justice system in the United States is far from perfect because we are convicting innocent men and women for crimes they did not commit. One of these many people are Rubin Carter, who was wrongfully convicted of murdering three people at a bar named, The Lafayette Bar and Grill the morning of June 16, 1966. Carter along with a man named John Artis both ended up being sent to prison, not once but twice for killing of those people that night at the bar. Only after appealing several times for many years, they finally were able to resolve the issue, they were cleared of the charges and Carter was released from prison. By the time they were cleared, Artis was already paroled and…show more content…
Even though the United States does have one of the best criminal justice systems, there are many flaws to it. One of these flaws is that not everyone we are finding guilty in our criminal justice system is not actually guilty of committing the crime they are being punished for. Every year in the United States, there are over a million of people arrested. According to the FBI, "law enforcement made an estimated 12,408,899 arrests in 2011" (2011). Each of these people being arrested are bought in for a number of different reasons, but from those millions of people being arrested, not all of these people are going to proceed have go to trial. Many of these people during arraignment pled guilty so they can get a slap on the wrist or a reduction in their sentence, others are released because there is not enough evidence to hold them any longer. Within that stage, there are people who are innocent that have pled guilty just so they could be release from jail and go back home to their families, but not all are innocent, only a small amount of these people are. Then there are a ton of these people that end up proceeding through the criminal justice system, which pled not guilty at their arraignment, wanted to proceed to have their case heard by a grand jury and for the most part their cases were indicted by the grand jury. After being indicted, some of these
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