The Case Of The Sanbano Project Under A Planned And Controlled Design

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Tendering of the project is a traditional process of committing the Client and builder to either design and construct or just construction of the Client 's project under a planned and controlled design and documentation to an agreed upon price and contractual terms. Tendering can be based upon a selection process which allows for control of the experience and qualification or on a open or public bases, which is open to total market, although can sometimes be at the expense of suitability and expertise. In the case of the Sanbano project tendering was based upon the selection process. The Client and the design team will look into the current construction market and address the current building works in the market, costs, value, risks and builder selection. The Client and Project Manager will then choose the Form of Contract to go to tender with. The Design Development team are then asked to finalise their documentation to a tender level, mostly being the design developed documentation perhaps with minor additions or alterations which may have occurred for further clarification. Tender documentation vary with every project but a basic list of requirements that are produced are the following: Tender letter of invitation A Form of Contract Tender Form Development Approval and conditions Building Assessment report Architectural Tender Drawings Architect schedule of finishes Architects tender specification Structural engineers Tender drawings and specification

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