The Case Of The Supreme Judicial Court Of Massachutes

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case Name On the writof certiorari to the supreme judicial court of massachutes
Case ID 577 U.S - (2006)
Summary of the Case " The case involves gun ownership rights in relation to gun ownership and use in the state of Massechutes. Private gun ownership and self defence has been a bone of of contention in legislative and judicial platforms in the US. Individual states have various legislation relating to gun ownership that are in effect in the respective states. The ownership and use of guns by individual have varied implication. A citizen 's right to feel safe and secure is enshrined in the constitution and the acquisition of weapons by individuals for their private protection has been a subject of debate due to reckless use,
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The speecific question in this case is to determine whether it 's a breech to the constittution for individual to have a stun guns and other modern guns that are not expressively made in the Congress ammendement of 1789 regarding the kind of weapons indivuals are allowed to own for personal protection court Holding The supreme court held that stun guns cannot be used by individual persons for their protection since their use is not expressed in the ammendment enactment Id., at 781, 26N at 693. The court held that stun guns and related weapons were not available at the time the Congress ammendment of 1789 ammendement was passed, consequently,their use by individuals for their protection is not protected by the law. Also, the court found out that stun guns cannot be adapted for use in the millitary since there are no provisions extending their use in military neither. Cateno had affirmed that she indeed acquired the weapon to defend herself against the violent ex-boyfriend yet the court ffound her guiltuy of violating the Gen. Mass. Laws, ch 140, $131J which entirely bans the possesion of an electric weapon, The court rulled 9-0. This was absolute judgement and all the supreme court judges knew there was little that could be done untill new legislations are passes in the parliament. Subject matter opinion of the court Dessent
Extension the supreme court of Massaachutes upheld a Massachutes law prohibiting possesion of stun
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