The Case Of Theft And Simple Assault Essay

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In Jack and Diane’s case of theft and simple assault, as a sentencing judge, I would want to know each ones history of involvement in the judicial system, and the result of their intake hearing. This way I would know if they have been through the process before and if they have had any labels placed on them and would benefit from diversion more with relabeling (Champion, Merlo, & Benekos, 2013). School attendance records along with any discipline issues to see if they are successful in the school environment to demonstrate their ability of self-responsibility and success. Any letters from teachers who can add additional insight to their normal daily behavior would be considered in the decision on how to move forward with the case. I would also want the process of an informal adjudication with each of the offenders alone and their parents to get information on their home life. This would be helpful in knowing if they have the structure and discipline they would need to learn and move forward or if they need another program such as aftercare (Kids Legal, 2013). As juvenile offenders, they will go to a juvenile court which is a private civil proceeding just for juveniles. This is more relaxed and will not result in a criminal record. An adult would have to go to a public criminal court with a formal environment and be charged with a crime resulting in a criminal record. Juveniles do not have the opportunity to a jury trial like adults do. Both juvenile and adult’s
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