The Case Of Us Airways, Inc. V. Barnett

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Analysis In the case of US Airways, Inc. v. Barnett, judgment was granted in favor of US Airways, Inc. on the primary basis that a disruption in the seniority system would cause an undue hardship to the operations of the business as the seniority system had been in place for many years prior and non-disabled employees relied on the seniority system. An interruption to the seniority system would violate the rights and undermine the expectations of the more senior employees. In an effort to reach a decision the court considered what is an undue hardship to the employer, what constitutes a reasonable accommodation, how the ADA’s burden shifting standard applies, and what important notions of fairness and expectations of the non-disabled employees have in a request for accommodation under the ADA (Retrieved from In regards to causing an undue hardship to US Airways based on the current seniority system, I would agree that it is possible that it would. There were 14,000 employees at the time of this case. Those employees have set expectations on what a seniority-based system will do for them. US Airways reserved the right to make changes to the system but it rarely altered the system. Had US Airways made frequent alterations to the system prior to the case, it could have been argued that it would not cause an undue hardship. However, that is not the situation in the case as I see it. Based on Barnett’s disability, US Airways was unable to reasonably

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