The Case Of Wall E ' Our Primary Victim Skin Rash That Developed Into An Antimicrobial Resistance

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This document addresses the case of Wall-E; our primary victim skin rash that developed into an antimicrobial resistance which is contagious. Coming into lab on an urgent call Sunday morning, a report from one of the upper level floor on patient (Wall-E) that was admitted to hospital with an unknown rash to the skin. However, not knowing it was a contagious bug upon contact, 39 current inpatient were infective by it as well. Thus, antimicrobial were given per MD order, but was not effective to cure the skin rash. Hence, further tests are needed to be perform to figure out what is causing the contagious skin microbial to become resistance to the current antimicrobial given. Since each patient body react differently to antimicrobial or…show more content…
Hopefully, in this case, the microbe causing the rash isn’t a highly resistant strain. After receiving the report on patient Wall-E, a laundry list for the RN to perform was sent up. Due to the prior spread of infection, please use droplet precaution until further notice. As to find out the right antimicrobial to cure these 40 patient that are contagious, please draw blood from each patient and obtain 3 skin sample from different affective areas to the lab. RN’s are to include signs and symptoms to help decipher the culprit. Please be advice to be extra careful with each 40 patient when coming into contact with them and wash hand properly. THIS GOES FOR ALL PERSONNEL!!! 40 patients were reported to have Psoriasis (skin rash) within their peripheral extremities. The skin rash appear to be red with pus, liquid oozing from the rash (looking like a zombie rash). Each patients are also reports that their extremities itch, and sometime even inflamed. According to the reactions of the previous antimicrobial given, further tests are needed to be conducted. Three small sample in different area of the skin that were affected, and taken from each of the 40 patients along with blood sample; to help solve the mystery as to why the antimicrobial did not work. Since, Wall-E is the first patient with
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