The Case Situations

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Topic: THE CASE SITUATION Corporate objective Halewood corporate objective in the market is to become a market leader in the soft drink manufacturing and distribution market. Dominating the market will enable the company to increase its turn over and compete adequately with other producers in the market. The company also aims to attract specialized workers to its organization to ensure that it provides quality and innovative products (Medway, Warnaby & Dharni, 2011). The company has recently introduced a new product in the market to increase its market share in the soft drink market. The product is a carbonated wine alternative aimed at attracting women in the soft drink sector of the market. The product will exist in three varieties to increase the product choice available to the customer. By ensuring that the company has a new product in the market, the company increases brand awareness in the market causing customers to migrate (Mcdonald, 2011). Providing new products to the market will enable the company to become an innovative leader in the market. This brand positioning will enable the company to create a culture in the market that will attract customer in the long run. Creating consumer loyalty will enable the organization to maintain its sales in the future. Stable sales will stabilize the revenue generated by the company and provide funds for innovation purposes. In 2010, the company also provided an innovative product aimed for the men in the market
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