The Case Study Of Ana

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In this paper, I will discuss the case study of “Ana”. Ana is 24 years old, has lost her job, and worries about becoming homeless. She currently is a single parent due to her husband being deployed in a combat zone overseas for the next eight months. Ana is a first generation immigrant from Guatemala; she comes from a large family. She claims to have a close relationship with her family but has not seen her family for about a year. Her father is a banker and her mother an educator, her three siblings all has graduated college and have professional careers. Ana has completed one year of college, but needed to leave school after her son was born, finding it difficult to manage being a parent, student and a full-time employee as well. While showing signs of being depressed and anxious, she has agreed to eight sessions for treatment. Using this background information in this paper will cover the use of Bowen Family Systems for the treatment of Ana.

What concepts of the theory make it the most appropriate for the client in the case study?
There are two main parts, both of which are part of Bowen’s eight concepts. Differentiation of self, which points out the pressure of conforming to the group/family dynamic. The second point is the family projection process. This is how parents project their emotions onto a child. (In this case Ana’s family projecting their expectations onto her.) The overall concept of the Bowen’s eight concepts is important, but it is felt that these
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