The Case Study On Leanne It

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After reading the case study on Leanne it is quite easy to highlight where her stress may be coming from. Leanne is a single mum to three youngsters that all deliver some sort of learning difficulty or additional needs. Since the birth of her youngest son Luke, who was born with cerebral palsy, Leanne’s life has changed dramatically. The birth of a child to any parent can be traumatic, but to have a difficult labour, resulting in a child having a disability, is challenging in more than one way. Since the birth of Luke, Leanne’s stress seems to have gone from bad to worse. Leanne left her job to look after her disable son Luke, meaning she no longer could enjoy the social aspects that came with her job. Other life changes that have…show more content…
If you score 150 – 300 units, this implies you have a 50% chance of suffering from a major breakdown in the next 2 years and anything over 300 raises the odds to about 80% (Holmes and Rahe, 1967). In retrospect to Leanne, I have only so far mentioned a few of the stressful life events that are occurring and if I was to add up her units with just these few events, she would be scoring 65 units for a marital separation, 44 units for a major change in the health or behaviour of a family member, 18 units for major change in social activities. 29 for major changes in work and 38 in major changes in financial state. These alone without all her other problems and issues add up to 194 units; meaning per Holmes-Rahe model, she is more likely to have a breakdown in the next 2 years. Even though the SRRS does not take into consideration the individual differences in this model and the data does not prove that stress causes illness, therefore we cannot say that life changes cause illness. However, there appears to be a relationship between life changes and illness; consequently, giving you an insight into just how stressful Leanne’s life is. Additionally, Leanne is also facing daily hassles in her life. Research shows that daily hassles affect our long-term health and mood and may take more of a toll on our health than even major life events, like bereavement; due to the frequency of the stressors occurring. Leanne is facing the same
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