The Case Study Refers That “Aspiraid Company Took The Chance

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The case study refers that “Aspiraid Company took the chance to help Frank Fleming, a fan who got a headache when he missed the baseball game of Bowling Green Yardbirds. After Frank Fleming started to complain and his videos went viral, the company acted in the situation by giving to him two tickets and a private car ride to the next game. The company public relations team took advantage of the situation to create promotions of their brand, and now they want to expand their marketing overseas, especially in Latin America and Japan.” The extension of their brand overseas would be a challenging situation for the company due to the language barriers that make difficult the interaction between customers. However, the extension of their brand…show more content…
Another example is how time influence nonverbally behaviors, in high context cultures “lateness can be seen as a sign of concern about relationships.” In contrast, in low-context cultures such as the United States, “the punctuality is valuable.”
Second, they should train their employees about teamwork and what goals must be achieved as a group in order to be in touch with people who have different values and social norms. The Group Evolution Model “a way to illustrate and track the development of groups or teams over time.” This model is a key point of the development of the teamwork. The main purpose of this model is to help the company to achieve measurable goals and avoid the misunderstanding between group members. The things to look out between the forming and performing stage of the group are language and context issues. Along with the group building blocks “A means of determining and then illustrating the most basic elements of a successful group or team.” The application of this model is to help team groups to achieve a better productivity in the organization. This model is based on three question: What, Who, and How. Since the employees of the company would be in touch with another culture, the building block can help the company to have a clearly understanding of what specifically goals they want to achieve in a timely manner, who can work efficiently, and how they can get things done in
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