The Case Study by Bally and Nemeck

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Though Bally and Nemcek are both concerned about high attrition rates in registered nurses and seek ways to increase retention rates and decrease the rate of turnovers, the factors which they consider critical in addressing the shortage of nurses by increasing rates of retention are vastly different. Nemcek is concerned with the internal emotional states and experiences of registered nurses and the impact that has on the nurse's experiences with respect to job satisfaction and life satisfaction-two factors which are already closely related. Bally on the other hand approaches the problem of nurse shortages by exploring the importance and consequences of environments which have strong mentoring cultures on job performance and satisfaction. Particularly, she focuses the role of nurse leaders in fostering such a mentoring environment. Nemcek is concerned with identifying the indicators which lead to healthy, satisfied, and competent nurses. She surveys the variables which lead to poor or great job and life satisfaction outcomes as a means to create hospital policies which will minimize the high rate of burn out, turnover, and retirement in registered nurses (Nemcek, 2007). More specifically, she is interested in what calls 'self-nurturance' and 'satisfaction with life' in the lives of working nurses and its relationship to career satisfaction. Nemcek establishes that the concept and practice of self-nurturance, which goes back to the late 1980s, is a positively correlated

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