The Case Study of Dr. Albert Lambert

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Domestic Violence is a world-wide problem but in America it is amplified with the ready availability of guns as in this article regarding Dr. Albert Lambert of Florida. Dr. Albert Lambert purchased a gun October 6, 2013 and a gun cleaning kit for a 22 caliber ten (10) days prior to the murder of Kimberly Lindsey ( This brutal act of domestic violence leaves three children without a mother and subsequently a father. This incident has flooded the radio, newspapers, television and internet since the ordeal started in West Palm Beach, Florida on October 27, 2013 and ended on November 4, 2013 in Miami as Sheriff’s deputies discovered Lambert’s sister and boyfriend removing Lambert’s corpse from her sisters Miami home upon their…show more content…
Lindsey endured while married and/or during the divorce from Dr. Lambert. This case naturally would deal with the sociological concept of and self-identity of Ms. Lindsey must have changed dramatically as she went into divorce proceedings with her husband, Dr. Lambert. Having to move with her children, taking on a new life in a new city and having to recreate herself must have been difficult after being married for an extend period of time. While some sociologists believe that social identity can explain extreme behavior, Dr. Lambert would fall under this catetogy having been a doctor, respected pillar of the community to being sought for the murder of the mother of his children. His social identity changed when he and his estranged spouse were divorced. Furthermore, the whole families social identites were altered through this divorce, and it makes it gives it more merit when it is a nasty divorce. Socials Norms “grow out of social value and both serve to differentiate human social behavior from that of other species” (Sociology Guide). Societies norm was completely lost here in the situation of Dr. Lambert and Ms. Lindsey. Through legal avenues and unwritten rules when it comes to families, the senseless murder of Ms. Lindsey and the subsequent suicide of Dr. Lambert broke the norms of what is acceptable in society today by the entire human race. Furthermore, Dr. Lamberts sister went a step
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