The Case Study of George Tenet

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PAD 500 November 16, 2011 Case Study of George Tenet George Tenet was the director of the central Intelligence Agency from 1997 to 2004; it was a very trying time for the Clinton and Bush administration. Tenet would cover many things in his career and that would have a major impact on the terrorist attacks of September 11 and U.S. invasion of Iraq. There were many intelligence directors that sever before him, but none that were more establish or had a drive for controversy. During George Tenet career, he played a big role in many events, such as invasion of Iraq and reorganization of the nation’s intelligence. Tenet involvement with the White House decision making, intelligence priorities, and his own agency kept him occupied…show more content…
Last, the ethics strategies should contribute a means for monitoring and policing organizational activates to downsize the proportion of legal and ethical violations. .Whenever, ethical programs are not enforced; many board members are held accountable for ethical lapses (HMUKASEY) . Communication strategy is a strategy that is mention more offend than any other one. This strategy support in putting together a sustainable ethical culture, which implicate communicating behavior expectations, training in compliance issues, and training expectations. Resulting in matters that have been reported already. When communication strategy is implemented, it ensures compliance which deters fraud and abuse, therefore increase the establishment value and effectiveness. Individuals within the organizations use this statement of values strategy you help in communication of the organization. The code of conduct, also ties into the ethical policy of communications strategy, commitment of the ethical behavior apply ways to defer the avaible values in a representative situation. Leadership strategies are really just monitoring and code enforcement strategies that are consider important, because they locate the responsibly for ethic programs and organizations to make sure the organization is serious and oversight is received (Leffler) . George Tent had many goals for the CIA, just to name a few a he wanted
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