The Case Study of Kelly

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Kelly Dispute What should Kelly do? Should she call CLAIR, or discuss this further with Mr. Higashi? Office conflicts and misunderstandings are common in any culture. Another common factor in any culture is a protocol of command when it comes to such issues. This protocol typically never involves getting higher authorities involved unless absolutely necessary as it permanently damages relationship between parties and can prevent further success for the parties within their company. Kelly is in a tough situation. She needs her holiday time to take a vacation, but her supervisor seems unwilling to give it to her. Mr. Higashi is operating under a misconceived pretense in handling this matter. Specifically, he is questioning Kelly's credibility based solely on the coincidence that her other two work colleagues were out sick at the same time. Kelly should begin by first taking a step back, evaluating the culture and determining if there is a respectful way to correct the issue. Her first option should be to request a meeting with Mr. Higashi and go over the doctor's note with him. She should then state her case that she desires to take a vacation to Osaka during Golden Week and needs her holiday time for that vacation. She should also respectfully remind Mr. Higashi of his obligation under her contract. If this meeting does not prove successful, then Kelly should mention to Mr. Higashi that she will be forced to contact CLAIR if her contract is not upheld (Salacuse,
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