The Case Study of Olga Hidalgo-Gato's Crime

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A 46 year-old woman named Olga Hidalgo-Gato was arrested for stealing more than $35,000 from a woman she was hired to help. The victim is a 75 year-old woman residing in North Miami Beach. Hidalgo-Gato volunteered to be the woman's home health care aide after discovering that the Department of Children and Families recommended the elder hire someone. The victim's son said that his mother had known Hidalgo-Gato since she was born, and had "loved her like a daughter," (cited by Afshar). Hidalgo-Gato had been writing herself checks and taking out money from ATM accounts belonging to the victim, who did not discover the theft was taking place until realizing her account was overdrawn. Moreover, Hidalgo-Gato was neglecting her duties as a home health aide. She had not been paying the bills, keeping the house clean, or fulfilling her obligations to her client. Hidalgo-Gato had been working as a home health aide for the victim since October 2010. The theory of crime that applies most to the Hidalgo-Gato story is rational choice theory. Rational choice theory "emphasizes the role of enlightened self-interest in individual decision-making," ("Rational Choice Theory"). The term enlightened certainly does not refer to Hidalgo-Gato's spiritual state of mind, but rather to her ability to make the choice of whether to commit the crime with relative clarity and ease. Hidalgo-Gato did not commit the crime under duress, and there is no evidence of strain theory at play. While some other

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