The Case Study of Zandinger!

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Zandinger! An Entrepreneur is someone who undertakes a risk, a risk that starts with an innovation and involves financing the initiative. This initiative usually ends up in formation of an organization which uses the innovation to assemble products or services achieving sales against investment made (Shane, 2003). In the case study of "Zandinger", based on the invention made by his uncle, Geoff Knox wants to introduce a new board game in the toy industry of New Zealand, Australia and America. This board game was initially named "Link Words" but later changed to "Zandinger"; the concept of this word game is taken from Crosswords, Scrabble and chess with some additional components of its own. The game can be played in teams and individually between two to eight players and a normal game takes an hour to complete but can be extended to several hours. There are three Zones in the board game and words are made within these zones using plastic letter pieces (Thompson, 2003). Geoff wants to introduce this word game in to the market as a separate product and then make it a profitable brand. Geoff himself is passionate about the product and believes that the game can become famous in households after refining it himself and on advice of his family and friends. There exists a market for board games and the innovation Geoff is trying to establish as a product seems likely. The market Geoff wants to tap is already in a saturated state with more and more emphasis on computer and

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