The Case Study of the Memorial Health Systems CPOE Implementation

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IT Project Implementation Failures Introduction The case study of the Memorial Health Systems CPOE implementation illustrates why the IT implementation process needs to be rigorously applied to complex system definition, implementation and maintenance. The lack of role and responsibility definition, followed by the highly dysfunctional performance of the entire executive team serves as a cautionary tale of why rigorous use of IT implementation processes and frameworks are essential. The implementation failed on many levels, with the factors from Chapter 7 of our text (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2009) providing a framework for evaluating why the organization in the case failed. In addition, the five dominant causes of project failure as defined in Chapter 14 of our text (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2009) are also very evident in this case. Assessment of the IT Implementation Process The CPOE implementation lacks the fundamental aspects of a successful IT project plan at the most fundamental levels. First, the stakeholders are complaining even before the process begins that they fail to see the value of the project. The IT implementation process for the CPOE initiative lacks a solid understanding of hwo to align the stakeholders' and users' needs to system design (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2009). From this lack of insight, many problems cascade down the implementation process making the rest of the project doomed for failure. Exacerbating this lack of communication over stakeholder and

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