The Case With The Non Custodial Parent ( Ncp )

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Lee County DHR’s testimony revealed that the case with the non-custodial parent (NCP), Mr. Harley, begin back in 1992 when the custodial parent(CP), Wanda Marshall, applied for services to establish a paternity order, income withholding (IWO), and medical. An order was establish and the NCP was paying. On July 9, 2008, the CP requested enforcement; DHR took legal action and filed contempt against the NCP because he had not made a payment since April 2008. The NCP appeared in court and paid $400.00; the court dismissed the review because an IWO had been mailed and payments was been received through the IWO. On November 5, 2010, a contempt action was filed again, due to the NCP not paying since August 2010. On January 5, 2011, the NCP appeared in court on the contempt; the court found the NCP in contempt of court and ordered him to jail on a $700.00 purged. That payment was made with the NCP being put back on the pay docket. Again, in December 2013, the case was referred for contempt action to enforce the arrears because the child emancipated. On January 31, 2014, the arrears were adjudicated, the NCP was ordered to pay $2,000.00. On February 7, 2014, the NCP was placed on the pay docket to continue to pay as ordered. The NCP appeared in court and paid each month. In August 2014, the last time the NCP was in court, he expressed that it was difficult to come to court to pay the $200.00 each month. At that same time, the NCP was advised to begin sending all his…

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