The Case against Obamacare

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The case against Obamacare For healthcare coverage to work a healthcare system needs to be in place. The biggest thing we need to take away from this is whether healthcare is a commodity or human right and that it’s affordable. The people want the healthcare to be reform, but reformed in a better direction than what the Affordable Health Care Act is presenting. The people don’t want Washington to decide what type of care they need; the decision should be left upon the people. The new law being passed is causing hardship to the people, it’s government and it’s causing stress in the community. The healthcare congress is trying to build is incompatible with the consumers and free market of today. The first stages of the plan spread a flood of controversial rules, regulations and guidelines that affected millions of lives in America. The people felt that the administration had the upper hand in the healthcare because they were knowledgeable about the system and were more than likely to receive exemptions than the less fortunate. In simple terms, it allowed the Health and Human Services to determine whom wins and who losses. The bill was supposed to improve or reform the healthcare issue in America, but Obamacare seems to be doing the opposite. It’s causing a riot to the public because it seems like it’s taking more money away from the people and categorizing them on what care they should be receiving. Repealing the Act is what congress needs to do, according to
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