The Case for Christ Essay

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The Case for Christ
Lee Strobel. Pub. Zondervan Publishing House

About the Author
Lee Strobel, Master of Studies in Law from Yale Law School. Award-winning journalist & investigative reporter for 13 yrs. at the Chicago Tribune. Pg. 303.
His life changes when his wife becomes a Christian. He fears he will lose the fun-loving companion and friend he has known for years, but instead he is surprised by subtle changes in her character. This not only intrigues him but prompts him to learn more about Jesus by using the same logical and factual approach he follows while working as an investigative crime reporter. He starts his learning quest as an unconvinced skeptic. His underlying question is, “Can a case for Christ
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Corroborating evidence outside the Bible
Josephus, Jewish historian, A.D. 37-100 • Wrote about Jewish wars that have corroborated by other historians and archaeological excavations. Pg. 81 • Writes about James, brother of Jesus, who was called the Christ. Stoned to death in A.D. 62. Pg.78 • Wrote about Jesus the tribe of his Christian followers that had still to this day not disappeared. Pg. 79

Tacitus, a senator and a historian of the Roman Empire, A.D. 56 –117 • Writes about Christ suffering extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of Pontius Pilatus. Refers to an immense multitude of Christ followers willing to die for their beliefs. Pg. 82

Pliny the Younger, Roman citizen, and provincial governor, A.D. 23-79 • Refers to rapid spread of Christianity among all classes of people, as well as Roman citizens that are sent to Rome for trial. “They have high ethical standards and if they repeatedly admit they honor Christ as God they are executed”.

Thallus, a Greek historian, wrote in A.D. 52 a history of the Mediterranean world since the Trojan War. • Referenced the total darkness at the time of the crucifixion. Pg. 84

Phlegon, a Greek author in A.D. 137 • Reported about the greatest eclipse of the sun when it became night at noon in A.D.33. Pg. 85

The Mishnah, the 1st part of the Talmud, an important Jewish work compiled in A.D. 200 regarding Judaism's Oral Law • Refers to Jesus as a false messiah who
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