The Case for a College Comprehensive Model

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Waking up to know that I will be surrounded by

aromatic smells such as freshly baked bread, seasoned soups, and aromatic herbs is a

real dream of mine. Achieving this dream, however, has always left me consciously

frozen. School, is the only word that comes to mind and makes sense. Honestly I do

believe School is a cornerstone to success, at the same time, I would like to know how

school will lead me into my achievements, most importantly, making my dream reality.

In my conclusion, I will choose a side to my arguments and describe how I feel.

The author of “ The Case for a College Comprehensive Model of College

Readiness,” explains the lack of college readiness in a student is the main reason why

students do not succeed in college. The article begins by listing choice, transition and

access of colleges that students enable to create a pathway for success. Soon after, the

college readiness program is introduced in attempt to reduce college failure. The

program is used to face the troubling settings, social aspects and knowledge to overcome

barriers. The program continues to fill gaps within the educational field in hopes that the

program can continue to help challenged students. Motivation is the word being defined, and it is linked into the article of “ The Case for a College Comprehensive…
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