The Case of American Apparel(a Clothing Manufacturer)

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Two Practices in Business related to the topic from Business Magazines. The case of American Apparel(a clothing manufacturer): Charney squarely declares : “I've had relationships, loving relationships, that I'm proud of. I think it's a First Amendment right to pursue one's affection for another human being." And he is talking about his staff. He has admitted to having numerous love affairs with colleagues in the past. He is even known to work at office dressed in nothing other than underwear. This attitude in fact percolates to American Apparel’s culture, is almost second-nature for most of the employees and is visible even in the decor of its stores. The stores' white walls are dotted with product shots. Like the company's signature…show more content…
Though not a legal requirement for any business(yet), these programs do tend to serve as an assurance in the minds of the employers that should there be a case of sexual harassment at work, they do have a recourse, a channel to address it. And to protect them in case a lawsuit is filed. Some reports suggest that sexual harassment cases are increasingly on the rise. Not only this, the reports also suggest that the harassment has reached the higher levels of management, as in the case of American Apparel. Keeping this in mind, it becomes all the more imperative and necessary for a firm to adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy. It is imperative that an employee is provided a safe and comfortable environment to work in. In “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Primer”, Barry Roberts and Richard Mann recommend that businesses need to understand sexual harassment; communicate a policy; enforce a policy; establish procedures; and enforce policy. In that respect, a sexual harassment training program plays an all important role. For a policy or set of grievance procedures to be effective, all employees, from supervisors to line workers, administrators to custodial staff, need to be knowledgeable about the company's policy and grievance procedures. Sexual harassment training needs to be very explicit in

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